Anand Muni Shakya

Traditional Artists


Born in 1904, Shakya began his artistic career in Lhasa, Tibet, at the age of 18. Buddhism and the influence of the Tibetan Thangka tradition play a central role in his artwork. Drawing inspiration from his work, his son, Siddimuni Shakya, has contributed to the development of Paubha art in Nepal.

Impressed with Shakya’s early work, General Ramraja had taken him to Illahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Shakya’s art from his time in Illahabad feature a number of different gods. It is also believed that he studied under Purnaman.

Padmapani Lokeshwor and Buddha Lumbini Vichya are Ananda Muni Shakya’s most notable works. He favored painting, but also practiced handicraft and metalwork. His final artwork was showcased in the Bhaktapur Khowpa Chwami Pucha.


  • 2020

    Bhaktapur Khowpa Chwami Pucha
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