Solo Exhibition of Lok Chitrakar - Museum of Nepali Art

Exhibiting original masterpieces, early works, sketches & prints. Open to the public from March 26 to April 26, 2023 #soloexhibition #lokchitrakar #museumofnepaliart #visitmuseum

Unveiling Glance by Roshan Dangol

“G L A N C E” a moment in time, captured for eternity… From the day we were born until the day we die; we experience an infinity of sights, yet capture but a few glances. A glance is literally a flicker of a second but a lifetime of memory. We fantasize that glance to what could have been and we smile, a secret gentle smile. A glance, though a sparkle, fantasizes a kaleidoscope of possibilities. We may turn that glance to an intense stare, or choose to shy away, sensing unknown, undesirable consequences. This masterpiece depicts preadolescent Krishna glancing at the youthful Radha. As the legendary love story goes, the next time they meet would be when Radha dies in the arms of Krishna. They sacrificed the love for each other for the greater good. For if Krishna had stayed back, he would have not killed his evil uncle, Kansa, nor have married 16,108 wives or even battled the great war of Mahabharata. Every present moment in our life, offers a plethora of possibilities. It is us who makes the choice from the options offered. As such, Karma is the result of our choices.

Kaal Chakra by Robert Beer

In conversation with Robert Beer on Kaal Chakra at Museum of Nepali Art. #kaalchakra #robertbeer #artforpeople #museum #monawowfactor #visitmona

Experience #muralinmaking - Street Art Fest 2022

JUXTAPOSED THAMEL - Mural by: Kiran Maharjan - H11235 The mural is an ode to Thamel , old and new. The urban identity of Thamel is everchanging with influx of new people, culture and influences. The mural weaves a narrative of old and the new Thamel existing next to one another. The hands making clay pottery addresses the largely undocumented Prajapati potters community from Jyatha. The yellow Ranjana lipi calligraphy reading Thamel over and over again is a nod to the Prajnaparmita Manuscript from Bhagwan Bahal. The traditional Newari fabric long with Buddhist devotee in the middle layered one above the other symbolizes the layered history and tradition of this place. And juxtaposed to that with imagery like singing bowl, ice pick and traces of mountaineering jacket all hint to the new identity of Thamel. The work with its color palette, deconstructivism, digital aesthetics with contextual image making aims to create a narrative of Thamel of the past and the present.

Sushila Singh - A Beautiful Chaos


Exhibition of Sushila Singh. Visit the ongoing exhibition of Sushila Singh. July 17 to July 30, 2022

Dipesh Nepali: His Own Protege

Born in 2005 CE in remote Jumla to a family that struggled to make a decent living, Dipesh Nepali was interested in everything even as a child. Very different from his two elder brothers, he found mathematics and science fascinating, and soon found himself immersed in self-study. He recalls spending hours learning about how the universe works. Everyone, says Nepali, has an innate ability to understand and create art. The written and unwritten rules of society, materialism and the thirst after superficial satisfaction causes the artist within us all to go into hiding. But given the willingness to search, the artist within oneself can be found and treasured. Similarly, art, he says, was buried deep within his identity, only needing to be remembered and recalled. Nepali says he rediscovered his love for art, and in some ways, himself, when he was in grade seven.

Wolfgang Korn - - Pioneer in Documentation of Newa Heritage

Wolfgang Korn is a senior conservation architect from Germany. His tremendous contribution to Newa heritage has gone unrecognized by the Nepal government. But the Nepali people are forever indebted to him. His detailed technical documentation of Kasthamandap in the 1970s CE enabled the rebuilding of this venerable monument exactly as it was after it collapsed to the ground in the 2015 earthquake.

In the footsteps of Araniko - Rajkumar Shakya

Remembering Mr. Rajkumar Shakya on the 45th day of his demise, Nepal Art Post family, along with the Museum of Nepali Art and Kathmandu Guest House by KGH Group would like to extend heartfelt condolence.

Nepalese Stone Sculptures (Volume I and II) by Ulrich von Schroeder

Museum of Nepali Art (MoNA) and Kathmandu Guest House are proud to be associated with Ulrich Von Schroeder as the media, publicity and public awareness partner for his extraordinary work. His trailblazing contribution will undoubtedly go a long way in the documentation, promotion and preservation of Nepali culture and heritage.

Jeevan Rajopadhyay - An Artist Who Paints for Himself

Artist of the Month - April 2021

Unveiling Goddess Gayatri

by Udaya Charan Shrestha  at 5 Apr 2021

Samundra Man Singh Shrestha - Beyond What Meets The Eye

Artist of the Month - March 2021

UNVEILING - Saptalochani Tara & Arya Tara

by Samundra Man Singh Shrestha  at 1 Mar 2021

Gopal Kalapremi - Ancient Traditions and Craftmanship Still Inspire

Artist of the Month - February 2021

UNVEILING - Hevajra Mandala

by Lok Chitrakar at 1 Feb 2021

Raj Prakash Man Tuladhar - Molded by his Surroundings

Artist of the Month - January 2021

UNVEILING - Lakshya Chaitya

by Mukti Singh Thapa 1 Jan 2021



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