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You may buy tickets online at eSewa, book via Reception - or purchase on arrival.

Hours / Admission / Location


  • Opens Everyday
  • 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Last ticket sale at 4:00 pm


Tickets may be bought online, booked in advance, or on entry.

  • Non-Nepali                                                NRs.1000
  • Nepali                                                        NRs.500

Please book in advance for School or other Groups.

Contact Reception

Tel: 9802020484, 4700632
Email: for more info.
Note: Tickets are valid for the day, i.e. multi-entry.

Museum Etiquetts

  1. Please leave your daypacks and bags at Reception. We have no space for rucksacks. 
  2. Food and beverages are not allowed in the museum.
  3. Touching art, platforms and display cases is strictly prohibited.
  4. The management reserves the right to control access, and to request any visitor to leave if acting in an unacceptable manner. 
  5. Please respect the fact that most of the artworks reflect cultural sensitivity.
  6. Pencils, sketchbooks and notebooks are permitted. However, pens, paints, easels or markers are not permitted.
  7. Photography and videos are permitted. Charges apply. Please refrain from the use of flash or external lights. Tripods or camera extensions are not allowed, unless by agreement in advance, for professional purposes. Kindly refer to Museum’s established photography guideline(link)
  8. Baby strollers and wheelchairs are allowed. Contact Reception regarding use of the lift. Wheels must be clean. Please keep your children under close supervision.
  9. Umbrellas, wet clothing and dirty shoes are not allowed. Disposable shoe covers will be provided, at NRs.100.
  10. Mobile phones. Please turn to silent mode on entry, and leave the Museum to take or make any calls.
  11. No weapons or flammable items are allowed inside the Museum premises.
  12. Chewing gum, gutka or paan is not allowed inside the Museum premises.
  13. The museum is a No Smoking area. 

Note. Camera supervision (CCTV) is in operation throughout the museum.

Visitor Tips

Once you have collected your ticket, the following guidelines may assist your visit.

  1. Connect to MoNA WiFi. Then link to QRcode, noted on specific art pieces, so enabling you to zoom in and out and view the work in finer detail.
  2. You may rent an iPad for NRs.250 per visit. This will allow you to view the artworks in high-definition quality. Here you may learn more about the artists and their works.  
  3. See the MoNA Floor Map. This will lead to a better understanding of the flow of the narrative, especially for first-time visitors. The MoNA Floor Map is available online and in pamphlet form from the Reception
  4. The Reception is the heart of MoNA. Here our staff will be pleased to inform you about the permanent exhibits, special subject exhibits, the use of MONA WiFi & iPad service, guided individual and group tours and workshops etc. 
  5. MoNA is located inside the grounds of the legendary Kathmandu Guest House. As such you are welcome to visit our Dream Garden. Here you will find restaurant and café facilities, with special offers for museum visitors (show day ticket). Do visit our Artists’ Quarter, where you may take refreshments, and maybe meet one of the artists. Note: You will be able to re-enter the Museum the same day (retain your ticket) should you so wish, subject space.
  6. Do visit the MoNA Museum Shop, which is situated in the Annex reception. It will be open from 10.00am to 8.00pm every day.

Note. Some artworks will not be displayed as noted in the narrative, their being on loan to other museums or under restoration.  


KGH and MoNA are accessible friendly - with suitability placed lifts and ramps.
All levels of the museum are accessible by wheelchair with the exception of the Reading Room.

Motorized wheelchairs are not allowed in the museum, therefore we provide standard manual wheelchairs. Please ask Reception for assistance.  

For visitors who are blind or have impart vision

  • Be aware that the Gallery lighting may be dimmed to protect the art.
  • Verbal Description Audio
    Verbal Descriptions use precise, evocative language to convey the visual experience of artworks. Developed for those who are blind or have low vision, these guides are valuable for all visitors who seek an in-depth exploration of specific works.
  • Individuals with low vision may rent the in-house iPad to see the works in Hi-Definition with the ability to zoom in/out.

Getting To The Museum

By Vehicle

  • For parking information see


  • All-gender restrooms are located in Hotel Reception, and by the Hokkaido Restaurant.


  • Benches are located throughout the museum.


  • Free Wi-Fi is available in the museum.

The Dream Garden - Restaurant / Café / Facilities

Opened in 1968 our iconic hotel is where adventure tourism started in Nepal. Today, a 140 room-boutique hotel where traveler’s, adventure’s and mountaineer’s gather.  Famous for its Dream Garden -An oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Thamel.

You are welcome to visit our Dream Garden

MONA visitors are invited to visit our Dream Garden, where you will find the following facilities. You will be able to return to the museum, subject space, the same day.

  • KGH Dream Garden Restaurant (Al-a-carte/Buffet)
  • Bakery Room 
  • Rakshi Bar & Vesper Wine Cellar* Illy Coffee Shop
  • Walk of Fame - 100 famous KGH guests
  • VAJRA - World’s largest bronze vajra
  • Artist Lounge - Traditional & Contemporary Artwork
  • Corner Library - Take & Leave a book
  • KGH Beauty Parlour & Salon
  • Susan’s Collection - Finest Asian Arts & Crafts
  • KGH Jewels & Gems 
  • Beni Recycled Handicrafts 
  • Mane Stone Cutter Exhibition
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