Sushila Singh

Contemporary Artists


Most say that they don’t know how to do art, or they can not draw anything. But if you observe closely, everyone is under the rhythm of art and its different forms, consciously or without knowing. It’s only that they don’t understand it or don’t peruse it. In the context of the Nepali lifestyle, art does start to imply as soon as we wake up from our sleep, for example; ‘Bhui Lipnu’, meaning painting & making the ground pure to start daily morning prayer ritual.

I don’t believe I’ve been able to become an artist by studying, or in the forms of my research, I’ve done. But however, I’ve been able to infuse the things I’ve learned into my everyday life. Being capable to lead the life process into a truthful form towards the appropriate direction, in itself, is an art of the highest order. That’s how I feel.

In the journey of life and its different scenarios, there always are some things or someone that teaches you in the process, we keep learning all the time. I’ve been taught by life similarly, my surroundings have taught me the most. I’ve been transformed by the changes in my surroundings that had been brought by time. Being a lover and worshipper of nature, it has to be my foremost guru in my search for art and life. Forever indebted I am to my Maa and Baa for showing me this world. No words or my work of art would be able to justify my love for you. Thank you for making me a part of this nature, from which I’ve garnered my inspiration to work and carry my life ahead. Much love and appreciation to Hikmat Singh, the love of my life, thank you for bringing the best out of me. Love to my kids, Barshani & Hridhanshu for giving me the joy of life. Thanking my family and friends from the heart for the blessings and love you’ve given me.

MoNA’s work towards uplifting the art of Nepal and its scale is more than praiseworthy, it’s remarkable. Their goal with which they are working every day is appreciable, thank you MoNA for making me a part of this journey of yours.

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