Sunita Rana

Contemporary Artists


Sunita is a strong believer in letting her feelings flow in order to produce new and imaginative pieces. She says “an artist can express perhaps a truer picture of life” than others, because they are not constrained by the reality that most professions/jobs are obliged to adhere to in day-to-day living. Her art is so varied that she does not really have a particular style, which leaves her free to follow her own inner thoughts. She follows her moods, whether they be calm, aggressive, cynical, inspiring or any other that is ill-defined. Sunita holds an MFA from Tribhuvan and is currently president of the Women Artist Group of Nepal (WAGON). Her work was displayed prominently at the ‘Women Beyond Borders exhibition in Santa Barbara (USA), and at hundreds of other such workshops and art shows. She has five solo shows to her credit; Nostalgia and Nirantar were just two that captured attention. She participated in the 2018 exhibition on Art for Nature, where her talent for the abstract produced an intriguing, almost misty sunset-like image of a rhino. She has another extraordinary abstract landscape painting that was shown at the 2018 Nepal Nida Painting Plain-Air exhibition held in Ghandruk near Pokhara. See what you can make of it!


She also writes poetry when moved or inspired by the situation to do so, and Sudarshan has produced a beautiful book of her poems entitled ‘The Last Puff’. Although it’s in Nepalese, the layout design, appearance and detail is striking.


Visual Artist
Born in 1971, Kathmandu, NEPAL.
President of Women Artists’ Group (WAGON).


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