Sujan Dangol

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Sujan’s family originally came from Sankhu, a village made famous by the image of Vajra Yogini, although they later lived in the Basantapur area of old Kathmandu. Sujan studied Fine Arts at the Lalitkala Campus, followed by a Bachelor’s at Kathmandu University and a Master’s at Tribhuvan University. These studies covered a very wide range of subjects and new skills. He painted with oils, acrylics and pen and ink, which he later found to be the most satisfying medium to use.

For much of his life he has been working as a production manager, dealing in wood and metal products like furniture and daily utensils. During various periods over the last ten years, he has been involved with a community artists group that sought to develop village level art in a way that relates to the production of useful products. This work was across Nepal from east (Dhankuta and Dharan) to west (Kalali and Chitwan). It has very likely been a surprising influence – he has a definite preference for the warm climates of the country, and in particular the Terai region.

In 2012 he was a production manager setting up the infrastructure for art exhibitions, with workshops and other art promotions. Sujan was an instrumental contributor to the ‘Kathmandu Triennale’ exhibition for some years.

Following the earthquakes of 2015, Sujan found his concerns for the rapidly diminishing historic nature of the city drew him more and more towards work involving the preservation of that amazing culture, which was threatened by modernity.

He continued this work until 2017, when his passion for art and preservation finally needed more time.  Since then he has concentrated on the pen and ink drawings that have made his art form so familiar to the art community of the valley and the wider world.


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