Smriti Shakya

Traditional Artists


Born in 1996, Shakya is the daughter of traditional artist Puran Shakya. She received her Master’s degree in Oil Painting from Chengdu University, China. She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Sirjana College of Fine Arts, with her major in Painting. Additionally, she is trained in Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture. She is a multi-talented artist, mastering over Oil Painting, Printmaking, Composition and Color theory.


She has been involved in fabric painting project for a fashion show with Earthquake theme, is a freelancing illustrator and a Graphic Designer. She has participated in various workshops such as Kala Jatra, Cultural Canvas Painting workshop (2017) and Kathmandu Art Fair (2018).


  • 2014

    13th Anniversary of Sirjana College of Fine Arts, College Exhibitio
  • 2017

    16th Anniversary of Sirjana College of Fine Arts, College Exhibition.
  • 2018

    BFA Exhibition - Oil Painting, Print Making, New Media.


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