Gopal Kalapremi Shrestha

Contemporary Artists


With a degree in Fine Art, Mr. Shrestha has great experience as a lecturer and instructor in fine art as well as ceramics. He was the founder of Gokem Art Ceramic Studio for research & Development of ceramic and Nepali Terracotta Technique (1985) and also a Team leader and founder of the ceramic art revolution in Nepal (2000). Mr. Shrestha has also bestowed his knowledge of ceramics, sculpture techniques, etc. in many of his books as well as articles in national magazines and newspapers.

Mr. Shrestha with his great experience in the artistic sector, he has been accorded with many awards such as Cartoon Art Competition organized by Royal Nepal Academy (1983), National Art Competition Contemporary Sculpture by NAFA (1985, 1986), National Art Competition Contemporary  Ceramic Sculpture by NAFA (1996), as well as (Creative artist) Man of the year presented by Nepal Art Society (2005).


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