Bishal Maharjan

Contemporary Artists


Bishal’s family is from Patan but, unlike many, he does not come from a community of artisans. His father was in government service and in his earlier years he did do designs for metalworking – so perhaps there is a connection, however distant.

Bishal sees himself as a contemporary artist and anyone looking at his paintings at the Kathmandu Art House would not disagree with that. Born in 1992, Bishal studied Fine Arts at the Sirjana College and at the same time worked as a tattoo artist, balancing his time between the two subjects. These days he still has the same juggling act, normally painting until 11 am and working with customers in the afternoons on their tattoos. The two subjects are interconnected in a way as he says, “art is like an ocean, but a tattoo is like a boat on that ocean.” He even tried working in IT, but that did not set his passion on fire like art.

His artwork centers on painting in acrylic, meaning he can use his imagination and talent to produce some incredibly striking images. Some are modern visions of deities in strong colors, while others are of contemporary themes like his Covid mask painting – a very inspiring take on a less inspiring theme. Another of his more traditional paintings shows a guardian dragon with some blue flashes to redefine the picture, making it uniquely his own. His three faces of women are extremely poignant with a blue skull added for a fourth dimension – the cycle of life and the loss of the smile. The admirer can make of it what they will – it will definitely be thought-provoking. That perhaps is the message of many contemporary artists.

Be sure to view his incredible artwork at the Kathmandu Guest House Arthouse, because words cannot describe the impact these paintings have on the onlooker – such is the power and overwhelming impression that is gained from these strong and striking pieces.



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