Bal Krishna Banmala

Contemporary Artists


The artist, a deity dancer from the Banamala community in Bhaktapur, grapples with the conflict between cultural devotion and the desire for a normal childhood. Despite the initial allure of being revered, he realizes that the commitment to cultural preservation has overshadowed basic rights like education and play for himself and his peers. In an effort to express this struggle, he turns to fine art, portraying a blend of tradition and childhood innocence. This, however, incites opposition from community leaders, leading to legal action and the defacement of his artworks. Undeterred, the artist perseveres, challenging cultural norms and emphasizing the importance of a happy childhood. As his art gains recognition, societal perspectives are shifting, but the struggle continues for the children of the Banamala community, still denied basic rights. The artist remains dedicated, hoping that his efforts will pave the way for a future where children can enjoy the full spectrum of life's joys without the burden of cultural expectations.


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