On Exhibition

Year: 2021
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 122 x 122 cm

About the Art


 “Color has dominated form in my artworks in recent years,” says Jeevan. “The perceived merit of an artwork of this type is determined by how bold and powerful the strokes are, and how much confidence is seen in the artist’s choice of colors.” This painting featured here, however, cannot be really labeled as abstract art, as it resembles the form of an animal -- a shape that one sees in real life. Is Jeevan drifting away from the non-realistic format to something more representational? Perhaps. He certainly is contemplating a return to the depictive format after this painting, the first of its kind that he has painted, became an instant crowd puller. “I have not given it any title,” says Jeevan. “I leave it up to the viewer to interpret and enjoy, like I do with all my abstract paintings.” Nevertheless, Jeevan admits that his own interpretation of this painting is a bull, mighty but wayward. It somehow represents the current situation of the nation -- we have achieved a free and democratic society, but without order and direction.  




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