On Exhibition

M Code: 150PA2019
Year: 1995
Oil on Canvas
Size: 41.5 X 32 cm

About the Art


Shah's works are often based on myths from Hindu puranas showcasing depictions of horses. Often a metaphor for the Kalki avatar of Vishnu, who in Hindu iconography is depicted riding a horse. Kalki is a salvation figure prophesied to appear at the end of the Kali Yuga for the deliverance of human beings from suffering and adharma. In effect, Shah uses this metaphor to represent the duality of and the dialectics between suffering and salvation. 

For the last twenty-two years he has almost exclusively painted horses as Shah explains "Horses symbolize POWER and Action”.He puts special emphasis on ‘power’. That alone seems to fascinate him and has turned into an obsession. Even his sculptures depict horses. “Surya (the Sun God) is pulled by seven strong horses,” he adds to stress the point, giving us a clue as to where he derives his inspiration. In fact, in some of his paintings you will find seven powerful, energetic horses at full gallop. They have a powerful impact. Some of his paintings show amazing texture, drawing much praise from fellow artists.

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