The Arahats

On Exhibition

Size: 6 x 7.5 inch
Medium: Lost Wax Method
Year: Unknown

About the Art

The Sixteen Arhats, also known as Arahants, are saints or sages who have fully comprehended the Buddhist doctrine and achieved liberation from the cycle of birth and death. These 16 Arhats, distinguished by the Buddha, formed part of the 500 claimed by tradition to have attended the First Council in Rajagrha: there they vowed to renounce Nirvana in order to devote themselves more effectively to the relief of human misery, like the Bodhisattvas. They are considered in Northern Buddhism in general and in Japan in particular as Sravakas or auditors of the Good Word, all disciples of the Small Vehicle and, as very wise human beings, destined to become Bodhisattvas.

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