Loaned Artwork

Śiva on Wooden Plank Glue Tempera, 2001
47 x 13 cm

Collection of Suman Ratna Dhakhwa


About the Art

Lord Śiva holds a significant position among the primary deities in the Hindu religion, symbolizing the element of the Supreme Being that is linked to the concepts of destruction, transformation, and regeneration. He is alternatively recognized as “Mahādeva,” signifying the “Great God,” and is held in high esteem by a vast number of adherents across the world. Lord Śiva is a prominent deity within Hinduism, being one of the three divine entities of the Holy Trinity, with Bramhā, the creator, and Viṣṇu, the preserver.

Śiva is commonly depicted as having a third eye positioned on the forehead, symbolizing profound wisdom and keen discernment, which he opens only if necessary. The deity is depicted with a crescent moon positioned atop his head, a serpent encircling his neck, and his body decked with ashes, known as Bhasma. In this particular artwork, Śiva is seen riding his divine mount, Nandi, who is a bull. The Caturbhuja Mahadev portrayed in this painting holds a Triśūla (trident), Damaru (hand drum), and a horn. A tiny Śivaliṅga can be seen at the bottom of paintings along with the holy mantra of the divine, OM. 

Udaya Charan Shrestha earns recognition for his exemplary artistic ingenuity and notable proficiency in the domain of neo-traditional painting. The individual’s brilliance is prominently displayed through their innovative methodology, which combines conventional components with their unique conceptual modification. Significantly, the artistic prowess of the individual is exemplified by the fabrication of a depiction of the deity Śiva on a wooden surface, serving as a tribute to his visionary artistic abilities. Through the flawless integration of the enduring art form of conventional painting and the tangible medium of wood, the artist has created a masterpiece that evokes a sense of distinctiveness and novelty. This ambitious undertaking not only demonstrates his expertise in technique but also his capacity to surpass artistic limitations, creating a piece of art that challenges norms and redefines the realm of aesthetic representation. The artistic contributions of Udaya Charan Shrestha exemplify a remarkable fusion of tradition and creativity, showcasing his exceptional talent as a pioneering figure in the art world.

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