Lakshya Chaitya

On Exhibition

Medium & Material    : Mineral color on cotton canvas
Dimensions                 : 107 x 137 cm

About the Art

The painting of Lakshya Chaitya illustrates Goddess Ushnishavijaya at the heart. The motive behind constructing the Lakshya Chaitya is for the fulfillment of one’s heart desire. This Chaitya is established following various ritualistic practices during the Janku celebration in the Newar community. Many people pray for the long life of their loved ones while establishing this chaitya.

In the upper part of the Chaitya (stupa) prevails Pancha Buddha (five) and below that the chaitya is surrounded by Pancha Rakshya Goddesses. Ushnishavijaya Goddess is the goddess for long-life having three faces and eight hands, seated in the stupa. The Goddess holds a vajra lasso, second a bow, third bestowing protection, and fourth in meditative equipoise holding an auspicious nectar vase. Beneath the chaitya Arya Tara (Green Tara) is positioned and at the bottom of the painting are priests (vajracharyas) donors.

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