On Exhibition

Medium & Material : Poster Color

Dimensions : 4 X 4 cm

About the Art

The deity that has the head of an elephant, Ganesh is considered a prominent God in various communities of Nepal. Ganesh is the God of Wisdom and Success, the defender who removes all the obstacles and hurdles. Due to this, there is a belief that Ganesh should be worshipped before any other gods. According to Hinduism, he is the Son of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. The followers and worshippers also know Ganesh as Vinayak.

The miniature artwork of Ganesh is the work of Mr. Rabi Shrestha. This painting is the depiction of “Bal Ganesh” (the child Ganesh). This particular painting falls under one of the smallest miniatures works by the artist. Similar to the iconography of a four-armed Ganesh, this particular Ganesh also holds an ax, whip, and a lotus. One hand is in the common Abhaya Mudra, the hand gesture signifying a blessing for all those who worship him. Lord Ganesh sits on top of a lotus and is white.

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