Chariot of Rato Matsyendranath (Bunga Dyo)

Loaned Artwork

There are two prominent Karunamaya Jatras celebrated in the Kathmamdu Valley; one is Jana Bāhā Dyo Jātrā (the White Karunāmaya) in Kathmandu, and the other is Bunga Dyo Jātrā (the Red Karunāmaya) in Patan. Karunāmaya are compassionate beings who liberate sentient beings from all kinds of suffering.

There is a belief that the chariot also possesses the 32 divine characteristics. It is constructed by adding 365 pieces of wood. People from various Newar communities come together to build the chariot. The chariot is the amalgamation of great divinities such as Bhairava as four wheels, Nāga as the long beam, a guardian in each of the ten directions, Sahasrabhuj Lokeśvara in the Torana, Tārās, Vairocana, Amitabha, Ratnasambhava, Vajrasattva, etc. The triple umbrella (chatra) is surmounted by the Gajur. Images of the sun and the moon are present.


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