On Exhibition

Medium: Mineral Pigment, Gold & Silver on Canvas

Size: 56 x 68 cm

Year:  2017

About the Art

Shadaksari Lokesvara is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, generally portrayed with four hands. His first pair of hands holds a wish-fulfilling jewel called ‘Chintamani’ at his heart and his upper two hand holds a crystal rosary and a stem of lotus blossom respectively. He is flanked by Manjushree (bottom right) and Vajrapani (bottom left). This trinity of virtue represents wisdom (Manjushree), compassion (Shadaksari Lokesvara) and power (Vajrapani) respectively. The three together are collectively known as Rigsum Gonpo: Lords of the Three Families and Protectors of the Three Realms.

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