On Exhibition

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 59 x 59 cm

Year: 2020

About the Art

Nepal is the land of Gods, where magical and mystical energy dwells in higher mountains and lower plains. The artist has used various colors to symbolize divinity, spirituality, knowledge and protection in this COVID-19 conflicted time, illustrating an ambience of tranquility through a concoction of spiritual characteristics of various colors. The colors symbolize: Red - sensuality and purity; Yellow - meditation, mediation between heaven and earth; White - cleanliness, peace and knowledge; Blue - stable mind; Orange -harmony and Green-awakening. The painting also makes the viewer aware of the causes of the COVID-19 infection (induced through migrant workers) and the ignorance of people, as well as preventive measures to stay safe. Vaidya’s art form is associated with symbols and images of Nepali culture, deeply influenced by Hindu mythologies, and a tinge of social issues. Culture and heritage dominate his paintings. In this painting, a magical ambience is created with recurring motifs of Ganesh, humans, mountains and hills. Sharp, triangular mountain shapes appear from solid mountain forms, symbolizing the hidden mystery, spirituality and power of nature.

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