On Exhibition

Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Size: 58 x 69 cm

Year:  2020

About the Art

Different countries have adopted different measures to stay safe during the COVID-19 lockdown. Due to the social and economic dynamics of every nation, a measure that works in one may or may not work in another. But social distancing and masks seem to be the first line of effective prevention to keep the infection at bay. The portrayal of a traditional Nepali door painted with the five auspicious colors (Yellow, Blue, White, Red and Green) on the lintel depicts the belief that there is a higher power protecting Nepalese homes and their residents. These colors represent the PANCHA VARNA (Five Pure Lights) symbolizing the 5 Tathagatas (Ratnasambhava, Akshobhya, Vairocana, Amitabha & Amoghasiddhi). A door can represent both “ENTRY” as well as “EXIT”. Yes, we understand that a closed door means not only holding the virus (negatives) out, but also protecting others from a possible contamination of virus (negativity), which we may have.

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